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Finally Writing Again!

When I worked full time, I used to dream about having some extra time to write. What could I do with just a few uninterrupted hours?

I don’t know about y’all, but this pandemic really shut down my creativity. You would think that all that time cooped up in the house would let you write 24/7, but was it too much of a good thing?

I had begun a story back in 2019 and had over 20 pages already written. But I just couldn’t seem to get back to writing during 2020. I couldn’t even bear to read what I had previously written, let alone write anything new. Had I lost my love of writing?

Then I got upset because I couldn’t write, got sad over that, afraid it was gone forever.

But yay! 2021 rolled around. Not much has changed. But I saw a contest on facebook and it looked interesting. And as facebook does, it kept popping back up in my feed. I finally thought why not? So I wrote a short story and hit submit. Something about that small action, relit the fire in me. I brought up that old story and started reading it. The excitement that I had originally felt, came back! And I have been writing ever since.

I feel like I have my old friend back!

Have any of y’all had trouble writing during this pandemic? Let’s share our stories…

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